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Peka Cards For more than 75 years, peka Memorial Cards has been comforting families and enriching lives with the finest religious and memorial art. Our extensive collection of images is as thoughtful and diverse as the cherished ones whose lives we celebrate. From love of nature, to love of faith, to love of country, peka Memorial Cards offers just the right way to remember friends and family.

The next time you're searching for cards and artwork to memorialize life's most important moments - from ceremonies of initiation to visitations and funerals -consider the advantages of peka Memorial.

  • An extensive selection of motifs, commissioned and owned by peka Memorial Cards and offered at the industry's most competitive prices.
  • Easy order process by USPS, fax, phone or e-mail
  • Same-day shipment for all orders received before 2 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday - Friday.
  • No Questions Asked" exchange policy for materials in their original packaging.

NEW! 78010 - Calm Moment (PREMIUM 8-up with muted image on back)

NEW! 78010 - Calm Moment (PREMIUM...

NEW! 78013 - Serene (PREMIUM 8-up with muted image on back)

NEW! 78013 - Serene (PREMIUM 8-up...

NEW! 78021 - Peaceful Path (PREMIUM 8-up with muted image on back)

NEW! 78021 - Peaceful Path (PREMIUM...

NEW! 78020 - Dogwood (PREMIUM 8-up with muted image on back)

NEW! 78020 - Dogwood (PREMIUM 8-up...

88539 - Butterflies

88539 - Butterflies

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